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Super-fast super-simple free personal website builder with two-click install. User-friendly, mobile-friendly, everything-friendly and you own it all. Log in, write web pages, log out. With one-click site backups.

This website is Qwwwik

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Qwwwik is a minified version of superMicro CMS and is even quicker. Page speed partly depends on the server, but, all things being equal, the pages load very qwwwikly indeed, and that's the idea.

Not the only idea – the other idea is a website-making system (CMS) that is extremely simple and easy to use by more or less any person of any age who knows how to write and has an Internet connection, i.e. most people. There is no paraphernalia attached, like social media and visitor comments, plus no menu, no footer, no bits and bobs or anything superfluous to simply writing a web page. Qwwwik is just simple pages that can easily and quickly be created with the very minimum technical knowledge and effort.

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Qwwwik can be installed on web space in less than 5 minutes, then you're away – write one page or a hundred pages. It works fine either way. If you really want a menu, create a page with links to whichever other pages you want to link to, then link to it and that's a menu.

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"Less is more"

Qwwwik created by Patrick

Page last modified: 05 May, 2024
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