Requirements for a simple website

Three things:
  1. Register a domain name
  2. Rent some web space
  3. Install Qwwwik (enquire)
Domain name

A domain name is something like or that you register as yours for as long as you keep paying the annual registration fee – typically £10 to £20 per year. Your domain name is then the address of your web space.

Web space

Web space is usually space on a web server, a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. When a web page is requested by someone using a web browser (eg: Google Chrome or Safari) the web server 'serves' the page.

Decent quality web space on a shared web server can be rented for about £10 per month. 'Shared' doesn't mean your web space is actually shared. It means other websites are on the same web server but separate from each other.

Providing web space is usually referred to as web hosting and is readily available from public web hosting providers.

Your domain name is then 'pointed' at your web space to view the pages.

Web pages

A web page can be as simple as a text file containing only one word. Its address would be showing in a web browser as one word, nothing else (see filename.txt). In reality, web pages are generated as HTML to show as a proper web page. Qwwwik does exactly that.

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Page last modified: 16 April, 2024
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